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Services and Repairs

Service and Repairs

Declan Treanor Commercials Ltd has always seen service and repair of vehicles as its core business which has been the main catalyst for the increase in sales of new vehicles.

Highly trained and skilled mechanics use the latest diagnostic equipment and technology to detect faults in vehicles and to get them back on the road as quickly as possible. Backed up with quick access to new or second-hand parts it is our priority to carry out fast, efficient and cost-effective repairs and to keep downtime reduced to a minimum.

Vehicles being prepared for the (D.O.E.) Test can be taken to the local Test Centre by our own staff.

A 24-hour Emergency Service (00 353 47) 87468.


A 24-hour Emergency Accident Recovery and Roadside Repair Service is also provided to
customers in the 32 counties.

Accident repairs to all motor vehicles are carried out at our Garage and a top quality re-
painting/ signwriting service is also available.


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(000 353 47) 87468


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